Community Support

One of our chief goals in forming the company around EUROWEBCART was to provide a deeper level of support and quality control for our users, as well as a much needed documentation and a regular version updates containing new features. The relevant links to our F/OSS support resources are below. Community Support

Commercial Support
Why a paid support option for our free open source software might be useful:
Is your EUROWEBCART shop down without any immediate workaround available?
Did you encounter a bug in EUROWEBCART affecting your users that you can't fix yourself?
Is there a performance issue which requires expert attention?
Do you have an urgent technical question to ask?

We are offering the following commercial support options as well as the consulting services for any web installations of EUROWEBCART. A paid contract allows to get help directly from the development team, expedite bug fixes and add features on top of the free open source Eurowebcart software.

If you have a question about standard commercial support plans or would like to get a custom quote, please contact sales team.

Essential Advanced Premium
Monthly fee¹ $100 $500 from
Yearly fee¹ $1000 $5000 from
Support hoursBD8x524x7
Installations (hosts)
Response Time24 hours8 hours4 hours
Resolution Time96
24/48/72 hours²8/16/24 hours²
Emergency bug fixesyesyesyes
Incidents per month2unlimitedunlimited
Contacte-mail, webe-mail, web, phone³e-mail, web, phone
Support phone calls per year6 hours12 hours
Design, implementation & optimization assistanceyesyes
Prioritized developmentyesyes
Work made for hireoption

¹ Monthly fees apply to 3 month contracts, yearly fees apply to 12 month contracts
² Resolution time SLA for high, medium and low severity issues
³ Call scheduled in advance

Franchise Web Studios

You can earn on our product. If you are engaged in reselling our product, you have to pay royalties. Remuneration is at least 10% of the contract.

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